From humble beginnings in 1985, John Paul Village has been serving the local community for 29 years.  Over the years there has been some major changes in aged care including demand, care needs and government legislation. John Paul Village will undergo redevelopment to reflect the changes.

John Paul Village will undergo some minor and major redevelopment that will improve not only our delivery of care but our facilities, increase our dementia beds and provide secure car parking for 91 cars. The proposed work will be conducted in four stages over a period of six years.

Four Stages of Redevelopment

Stage One

North Wing will be redeveloped to include basement parking, laundry, kitchen, refuse room, 3 levels of residential aged care plus the addition of fire sprinklers in Parkview. The proposed works will take approximately 24 months to complete.

Stage Two

Kingfisher will be renovated to accommodate higher level of care and install fire sprinklers. Works are set to commence in 2017 and will take approximately 9 months to complete.

Stage Three

South Wing will be redeveloped to include additional basement car parking, two levels of residential aged care, café, wellness centre, rooftop terrace and a chapel. The proposed work  will take approximately 18th months to complete.

Stage Four

Parkview will be renovated internally to accommodate residents with higher needs. The proposed works will take approximately 9 months to complete.

What Will It Look Like?

The images below provides an aerial view of the site and floor plan for each level that will be developed.

Traffic Flow & Parking

The tables below are indicative of the expected traffic flow around the site.

The Benefits Of The Redevelopment

  • Sprinklers installed in all of Residential Care buildings
  • Larger kitchen, laundry and garbage facilities, and removes them from the “Care” areas
  • Increased number of palliative care rooms from 1 to 6
  • Increased Residential Care dementia rooms by 45
  • Improved operational efficiency of our Residential Care
  • Increased off street parking by 97 secured spaces
  • Significantly reduced traffic flow around Nirimba Crescent and The Avenue, residential streets
  • Reduced traffic on The Avenue & Wilson Pde Corner
  • Reduced street parking in Wilson Pde, The Avenue and Nirimba Crescent
Q & A

Q. Why are you redeveloping the site?

A. Aged care reforms were introduced on 1st July 2014 by the government which has seen the removal of the distinction between high and low care. This means our facility must be able to care for residents anywhere within the facility no matter the level of care required. Our facility was built before these changes and cannot accommodate people with higher needs in all areas. We need to widen doors, change bathrooms in order to accommodate the new requirements. In addition will be improving our facilities and increasing our dementia beds by 45. We also have to upgrade our fire sprinklers to comply with new legislation introduced after the Quakers Hill fire.

Q. What will happen to the houses on Nirimba Crescent that are owned by John Paul Village?

A. The houses will be demolished and used to house temporary construction site offices. There are no plans at this stage to redevelop that area. We will attempt to make this area appear as little like a building site as possible, e.g. fencing, plants.

Q Why will it take so long to redevelop the site?

A. The reason why it will take 6 years to complete is we will be operating during this period. We have 190 residents we will be (managing) caring for during this time and we have to consider that this is their home.  A green field site would, of course, be much quicker, easier and lower cost, but unfortunately we don’t have this luxury

Q. What type of fencing will be put up along Nirimba Crescent?

A. We will investigate a suitable fence that will be appropriate for the length of time it’s up for. We are happy to receive some input from the neighbours.

Q. Where will all the construction workers park?

A. There will be a maximum of 20 staff at one time on site during construction and where possible and their vehicles will be contained just off Wilson Parade. This will see a few more cars parking on Wilson Parade during the first stage of redevelopment.

Q. Where will all the trucks come in and out of the site? What size are the trucks?

A. Enter and exit from Wilson parade to the left as you drive off the bridge and the trucks used will be no bigger than a fire truck. We will also have traffic management plans developed as part of the project.

Q. Where will the existing staff park?

A. Staff will be parking in surrounding streets as they do now with no changes. The good news is when this is completed there will be space for 91 cars to park in the basement car park, which means less staff parking their cars on the street. 32 of these spaces will be available to staff after completion of the first stage in two years time.

Download Statement of Environmental Effects: 161 Statement of Environmental Effects


If you would like to find out more information or would like to ask some questions please contact

John Paul Village on 8508 3300 or email